Integrated developments from IPCOM company are reliable solutions for construction of communication centers. Stable, uninterrupted operation of all system components and safety of the equipment is the main goal of our company when designing all-weather climatic cabinets for our customers.

Integrated IPCOM solutions have proven their efficiency and reliability when operating in harsh climatic conditions with temperature changes from -50 to + 50 ° C. The anti-vandal design of the enclosure provides protection of the equipment against external influences: shock, vibration, hail, rain and other weather conditions and unauthorized impacts.

Standard solutions based on all-weather climate cabinets are widely used by mobile telecom operators, Internet providers, government agencies and security services to build wireless communication systems, cable TV, digital cable lines and wireless networks, traffic control and surveillance systems.

Our company offers the best integrated solutions for installation of any customer’s equipment in IPCOM all-weather climatic cabinets. For the convenience of monitoring equipment performance and the communication center as a whole, we offer a number of options that significantly contribute to the safety of all system components.

– control and maintenance of climatic conditions
– reporting of physical impact
– reporting of smoke content
– reporting of flooding
– the ability to connect a backup power source (diesel generator set)
– fire extinguishing system

Structurally IPCOM cabinets can be produced in a wall-mounted or floor-standing design. To ensure thermal insulation, the cabinets can be made in a single-walled version with internal gluing of heat-insulating material Alufoam, or in a double-walled version with mineral wool as a heat-insulating material.

The maintenance of the temperature regime inside the cabinet, depending on the modification, is achieved through the use of a Freon coolant air conditioning unit or a supply and exhaust ventilation system. To provide power to telecommunications equipment, the cabinets can be equipped with a 48V power supply system.

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