IPCOM group of companies is a major Ukrainian manufacturer of metal products.

We produce server cabinets and racks, all-weather climatic cabinets and anti-vandal boxes, metal lockers and weapon cabinets, racks, industrial and medical furniture.

Server cabinets and racks, all-weather climatic cabinets, anti-vandal cabinets and boxes

Metal wardrobes for locker rooms, gun cabinets, industrial furniture, workbenches

Galvanized shelving, painted shelving, industrial shelving, folding shelving

Medical and laboratory furniture, functional beds, medical cabinets and cabinets

Despite the martial law in the country, we are ready for cooperation. Our factory continues the production process and we fulfill our domestic and export orders.

As you know, our country has suffered from Russian aggression. Hostilities continue in some areas of our country. Despite this, the state gives a tough rebuff to the aggressor and guarantees business security and full functioning.

The Government of Ukraine has adopted special regulations that ease tax rules for Ukrainian producers. Thus, we can offer special conditions and guarantees for all our export customers:

  • Fixed prepayment of 1000 euros for all orders, regardless of their size
  • Production time 4-6 weeks
  • Due to temporary devaluation of the local currency, we are able to offer better prices in Euros for our products.

Thanks to the special decisions made by the government of Ukraine, we can guarantee risk-free deliveries on the most favorable terms to any country in the European Union and beyond!

Do not miss the opportunity to cooperate with a reliable partner. Join the company of IPCOM dealers or order the goods you need under your own trademarks.

Supporting the economy of Ukraine, a country that is fighting for the freedom of Europe, you are helping to ensure that the world is safe.

Write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible

149 Zelena St, building 8a, Lviv, Ukraine